Personal Marketing Strategy

If you are looking for a partner, your PMS must be off.

No, I’m not taking about pre-menstrual syndrome, I’m talking about your Personal Marketing Strategy.

Allow me to explain. In business terms, the definition of a Marketing Strategy states that a marketing strategy is “a plan of action designed to promote and sell a product or service.”

In our case, Personal Marketing Strategy is “a plan of action designed to help you promote yourself in order to find a partner.”

This is imperative for the success in your search for a partner.

Develop your Personal Marketing Strategy from the following 11 steps, and Mr Right will be easy to find.


First of all you need to think about, and decide on, who you are. And before rolling your eyes, consider the following: “What you do is not who you are.” Yes? You get me?

Proceed with writing a few short facts about yourself, what do you want to tell people when you meet them, etc. For example, I love the 60ties, I love history and you’ll always find me visiting museums / castles, I love hiking, I am not keen on meat. I’m also into fine dining etc. You get the point. It’s about creating a spoken picture in your head about who you are. Because there are so many facets of you on the spectrum of life, it’s difficult to relay in one brief date that information.

Once you have written at least 300 word text about who you are, it is time to practise it by recording yourself on your smart phone. First, introduce yourself, say your name, where you’re from, who you are. You can say what you do but maybe at the end of the video. Make sure it’s not longer than a minute.

And then… watch it. Is that how you want to come across? Practice. Remember, first impressions are everything, so show your best side. But don’t forget to mention your achievements, your dreams and things you would like your future partner to know. This exercise helps you eliminate people who are not aligned and enrolled to who you are. Therefore you are not wasting time dating someone that wrong for you. Hence, you have more time to find your Mr Right.


Think about what sort of person you would like to have as a partner. Who are you targeting specifically (their demographic profile (e.g., age, gender), psychographic profile (e.g., their interests, values, opinions, attitudes) and their precise wants and needs. This must relate to who you are and what you offer. If it doesn’t, then, don’t waste your time. Being able to clearly identify your prospective partner will help you better “speak his language” and you’ll have no trouble promoting yourself.


Your Unique Selling Point (USP). Having a strong unique selling point is of critical importance as it distinguishes you from your competitors. What is your USP, have you asked yourself? Is it your long hair, or blue eyes, or your PhD, or your house, or your charm, etc. In your eyes what is it about you that is different than most women/men.

But understand this information is not a deal maker. This is just something that you feel confident about, and you’d like to put it out there in your conversation. The idea is to show confidence and the best way you can do that by being present to your strengths.


Step four is your positioning strategy. Your positioning strategy must be aligned with your desire to find love. For example, if you want to meet someone fit that spends his time at the gym, don’t think that you going there once a month would give you quick results. You need to spend your time there as often as they are. Also, you need to be open for conversation, and not many people want to talk while they are dripping in sweat. You need to think about this carefully. Where do you see yourself meeting this person? Think of your interests (tennis, hiking, museums, etc) and create your positioning strategy accordingly. P.S. Don’t give up now. I constantly hear women moaning they can’t find anyone anywhere. But have you put in some thoughts where this person might be found? Yes, it’s as simple as that. But you have to do the work. If you want the right man, (or woman) be in charge. Take control. Decide who they will be for you. And, create the positioning strategy accordingly.


Distribution; Step 5 relates to how will your potential partner find you. For example, how he will find your mobile phone, or social media account, or even know that you are looking? Via a friend? A relative? Will they ask you for your details directly? Think of many different ways in which they might be able to reach you. Open up yourself to new avenues. You can even think about online dating (although that’s another can of worms to deal with). Maybe think about social media as an option if it isn’t.


Marketing Materials – Your marketing materials are the collateral you use to promote yourself to a potential partner. Among others, they include your clothing, make up, shoes, memberships, classes, photos, etc. Identify which marketing materials you have (I’m sure you have lots of outfits) and which you need to acquire; memberships, etc, something in line with your interests (make sure it’s somewhere where you are comfortable).


Promotions Strategy – The promotions section is one of the most important sections of your marketing plan and details how you will reach the love of your life. There are numerous promotional tactics, such as attending weddings, family gatherings where you’ll be introduced to potential suitors by family, friends, etc. Going out on blind dates, signing up for online dating, etc. but the best way is telling people you are single and available. This strategy works, trust me. You will get several more ‘fix ups’ or recommendations than you think. But whatever you decide, you must be happy with the way you promote yourself and once you set your mind, do it relentlessly.


Conversion Strategy; this refers to the techniques you employ to turn potential partners into real partners. For example, if you go on dates wearing full on red lipstick, and insisting on your man kissing you on the first date, then what’s your conversion rate? Do they kiss you? Are they impassive just because of your lipstick? Or do you maybe give off the wrong vibe? When reflecting on your conversion rate ask yourself, do you have to change something to be more aligned with attracting the man you want? It’s not about changing yourself for someone, but it’s about becoming present to what’s happening in your life right now.


Joint partnerships are agreements you forge with other women that can help you in your quest to find your man. For example, if your ideal man works as a doctor, it could be good if you partner up with a friend who’s a nurse, or someone that works in a hospital. This could be a friend, or neighbour that could help you. Think about all your friends that have partners, talk to them about your plan of action, I’m sure they’ll want to help.


Step ten is the referral strategy. This one is tricky because it will mean asking your ex if he has any friends that are available. Still, a strong referral program could revolutionize your success. For example, if every one of your ex’s referred one new potential partner, your chances would be greater in finding your ideal partner. Another option would be to ask all of your friends to come up with a name of someone they know is single, and it would be up to you to decide if you’d like to pursue that avenue.


Retention Strategy – many women spend too much time and energy looking for a boyfriend that they forget the reason of why they are looking for one. You must remind yourself if you are sure a) you want a partner, and also, b) what is your why? The reason you need someone. Once you are clear on the above questions, and you know who you are looking for, you need to sit down and focus on quality rather than quantity when deciding.

Alexandra’s background is in lecturing, coaching and communications breakthrough. She is an Emotional Intelligence Analyst and an NLP Master Practitioner. In her daily work she empowers and motivates women so they can succeed, grow and achieve extraordinary results for themselves.