Alex Isevski – Dating Concierge, Relationship Analyst and a Coach

Hello Beautiful,

So you feel you are ready to find that someone special to spend your time with, and live an extraordinary life?

I can help.

After all, I found my husband thanks to the exercises I developed for myself and others in order to find Mr. Right. It worked for me, and I promise you, it will work for you too.

But I must be honest, it was not easy getting there. I made many mistakes when it came to finding a partner. You see, I knew that I wasn’t just looking for a boyfriend, I was looking for the right person for me.

Someone who’d stay long term and be there when I was amazing and glorious, and also when I was miserable and intolerable.

To put it simply, I was looking for someone who would love me with the same passion as I’d love them. No limits.

So I found him, I married him, and … that was when people started to talk. They’ve heard of my story, and they came knocking on my door, asking for help. Throughout my life I assisted many single people, as well as those that had issues with keeping a relationship going, and I have done so with amazing results.

Being a relationship coach happened in the most natural way for me. I’ve always had a thing about human behaviour, observing quietly my family and friends since the age of three. Later on, after I did my Master degree, I taught Organisational Behaviour at a few London Universities, and about that time the theme became clearer to me.

Today, I’m one of the leading coaches on personal breakthrough in Europe. I have clients who, under my guidance, create extraordinary growth in their love lives. And what’s most important, I wake up every morning with a deep sense of purpose and fulfillment.

This is what I will love to help you create. Extraordinary growth that will affect every aspect of your love lives.

Are you ready?

Here are a few things you can do to put yourself on an extraordinary growth trajectory today:

1. Join my amazing community here:

2. Start my programme Find Your Mr Right & Create An Extraordinary Relationship

This is a 3-month programme where quantum leaps in your love life become inevitable! Inside the programme you will get:

Access to high-level coaching with Alex

An incredibly supportive community

Accountability, continual development and a level of support you’ve never experienced before

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3. Hire a Dating Concierge

Do you sometimes feel burnt out from online dating? Finding an online site, writing your perfect profile, choosing your photos, completing questionnaires. I get it. It’s tiring. Then you got to sift through the messages, profiles, etc. If only someone else could online date for you, right?

I got you.

I’m happy to step in and take that load off your shoulders.

More information here.

4. Apply for a breakthrough call with me to explore how can I help you create extraordinary love in your life.

For a woman who’s after something more personal (and rather exceptional).

Tired of their games? Not being able to have a breakthrough in your love life? Or something else? You too can experience common relationship problems.

Contact me to create a quantum leap in your love life, just like many of my clients before you have done. Apply for a breakthrough call here.

Let’s do this! It’s your time!